Evaluation plan

The enormous volume of system event logs generated daily is of growing importance to organizations that must record information for forensic and compliance purposes. It is essential to perform real-time network-wide event log monitoring, analysis and reporting to address any incidents or security concerns and combat threats to business continuity.

GFI EventsManager assists with this monumental task by automatically and centrally monitoring and managing event logs - supporting a wide range of event types generated both by applications and devices from top vendors as well as for custom ones.

GFI EventsManager can help you:

  • Boost your security by monitoring security-relevant activity, mechanisms and applications.
  • Cut costs and increase productivity by automating IT management
  • Understand what is happening in your IT environment
  • Benefit from network uptime and identify problems through real-time alerts and dashboard
  • Protect your network by detecting and analyzing security incidents through event log data analysis
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA etc

The following topics provide information on how to evaluate GFI EventsManager: