Product version information

GFI recommends that you keep GFI EventsManager up-to-date and use the latest product version for full feature support and device compatibility. Version information can also be useful to troubleshoot functionality errors with a technical support representative. Refer to the following sections for information about:

Checking your GFI EventsManager version

To check your version information details:

1. From General tab > General, click Version Information.

Version Information screen

2. View version information details from the right pane.

3. (Optional) Click Click here to obtain the version number of the latest release to get the latest version information from GFI servers.

Checking for newer versions

To check for newer builds of GFI EventsManager:

1. From General tab > General, right-click Version Information and select Check for newer builds...

2. (Optional) From the right pane, select/unselect Automatically check for a newer version at startup to check for new versions automatically. By default, this option is enabled.