Active Monitoring

Event logsA collection of entries which describe events that occurred on the network or on a computer system. GFI EventsManager supports different types of event logs including: Windows Event Log, W3C Logs, Syslog, SNMP Traps and SQL Server audit events. are useful to track different operational aspects of devices, computers and servers, but in many cases users need more than logs to inspect this activity in further detail. To mitigate this problem, GFI EventsManager uses Active Monitoring Checks. Monitoring checks help you detect failures or irregularities automatically, so you can identify and proactively fix unexpected problems before they happen.

GFI EventsManager ships with a set of predefined checks, specifically designed to cater for Windows® operating systems, Linux/Unix operating systems, SNMP devices and Network/Internet protocols and services.

These topics provide you with information about managing, creating and using Active Monitoring Checks.

Topics in this section: