About GFI EventsManager

The enormous volume of system event logs generated daily is of growing importance to organizations that must record information for forensic and compliance purposes. It is essential to perform real-time network-wide event log monitoring, analysis and reporting to address any incidents or security concerns and combat threats to business continuity.

GFI EventsManager assists with this monumental task by automatically and centrally monitoring and managing event logs - supporting a wide range of event types generated both by applications and devices from top vendors as well as for custom ones.

GFI EventsManager integrates into any existing IT infrastructure

GFI EventsManager is a results oriented event log management solution which integrates into any existing IT infrastructure, automating and simplifying the tasks involved in network-wide events management.

Through the features supported by GFI EventsManager, you are able to:

  • Easily browse events from any number of databases through the extensive Events Browser; which helps you carry out forensic investigations with minimal human input
  • Automatically processes and archives event logs, collecting and highlighting the information you need to know about the most important events occurring in your network so you are never caught off guard
  • Generate technical IT level and management level reports from the extensive list of reports and also create new ones from existing reports or collected events
  • Protect your business by tracking the security events in your network. Find who is responsible for security breaches and network threats

For a full list of features, refer to: https://www.gfi.com/eventsmanager#features