Building query restrictions

GFI EventsManager enables you to build custom queries, using the Edit Query Restriction dialog. For more information refer to Using the Edit Query Restriction dialog.

Queries are instructions GFI EventsManager sends to the database backend when storing and retrieving data. They are also used to configure rules to trigger actions and alerts when certain attribute values are detected.

The following scenarios use the Edit Query Restriction dialog for granular configuration:

Use Description
Configuring reports Build queries to filter report information and generate reports pertaining to specific attributes.
Configuring user accounts Prevent GFI EventsManager Management Console users from displaying unauthorized information about other users, event logs or network activity.
Configuring events processing rules Scan collected event logs for attributes that match values configured in events processing queries. This enables you to inspect network activity in granular detail, which helps you to proactively resolve network issues before evolving into serious problems.

Users, Events processing rules and Report queries