Manual remediation notes

1. While an infrequent occurrence, patches may be recalled due to newly discovered vulnerabilities or problems caused by the installation of these updates such as conflict issues with present software or hardware. Examples of updates recalled by the manufacturer include patches MS03–045 and MS03–047 for Exchange that were released by Microsoft® on October 15, 2006.

2. Ensure that the NetBIOS service is enabled on the remote target computer. For more information refer to Configuring NetBIOS.

3. A complete list of Microsoft products for which GFI LanGuard can download and deploy patches is available at 

4. Non–Microsoft software update patches supported by GFI LanGuard is available at

5. The complete patch management process, from detection to remediation, is supported for most of the non-Microsoft products. There is, however a small set of products that GFI LanGuard cannot update and which GFI LanGuard functionality is limited to detecting missing updates. Examples of these products are

  • Apache Webserver
  • MySQL
  • VMware Player and Workstation

6. GFI LanGuard can be set to automatically download missing patches and service packs discovered during a network security scan. For more information refer to Configuring missing updates auto-deployment.