Using Remote Desktop Support

Through Remote Support, you can control remote computers using Terminal ServicesA service that allows connecting to a target computer and managing its installed applications and stored data. and Remote Desktop ProtocolA protocol developed by Microsoft® to enable clients to connect with the user interface of a remote computer.. Remote Support enables you to install missing patches, service packs and custom software through a remote connection.

Remote desktop connection

To connect remotely to a target machine:

1. Click Remediate tab and from the left panel select a computer or domain/workgroup.

2. Expand Remote Support via Remote Desktop Connection from the right panel.

3. Depending on your selection, the list contains the available computers that allow remote desktop connection.

4. Double-click a machine from the list to connect.


To disconnect a machine, select Remediation Center >Remote Support via…, right–click a machine from the list and select Disconnect.


To disable remote connection, right click a machine and select Disable Remote Connection.