Using the Troubleshooter Wizard

The GFI LanGuard troubleshooter wizard is a tool designed to assist you when encountering technical issues related to GFI LanGuard. Through this wizard, you are able to automatically detect and fix common issues as well as gather information and logs to send to our technical support team.

To use the Troubleshooter Wizard:

1. Launch the troubleshooting wizard from the Start > Programs > GFI LanGuard > GFI LanGuard Troubleshooter.

2. Click Next in the introduction page.

Troubleshooter wizard – Information details

Troubleshooter wizard – Information details

3. In the Information details page select one of the following options described below:

Option Description
Automatically detect and fix known issues (Recommended) Configure GFI LanGuard to automatically detect and fix issues.
Gather only application information and logs Gather logs to send to GFI support.

4. Click Next to continue.

Troubleshooter wizard – Gathering information about known issues

Troubleshooter wizard – Gathering information about known issues

5. The troubleshooter wizard will retrieve all the information required to solve common issues. Click Next to continue.

6. The troubleshooter will fix any known issues that it encounters. Select Yes if your problem was fixed or No if your problem is not solved to search the GFI Knowledge base for information.