Migrating GFI HelpDesk from one server to another

This topic provides the steps on how to migrate your GFI HelpDesk from one server to another.

To migrate your GFI HelpDesk helpdesk to another server, follow the steps below:

  1. As a precaution, take a backup of your database, templates, languages and code modifications (if any). For more information on helpdesk backups, refer to the topic Upgrading (or Downgrading) Your GFI HelpDesk.
  2. Check if all the prerequisites are installed on the server on which you are about to migrate the helpdesk. For more information on server prerequisites, refer to the topic Server Configuration Requirements.
  3. Move all the product files from the old server to the document root of the new server.
  4. Assign full permissions (Read, Write, and Execute) to "cache", "geoip", "logs" " and "files" directories, which are available under the __swift folder, along with the __apps directory.
  5. Create a new database and import the database dump taken in Step 1 from the old server to this new database.
  6. Enter the new database details (Hostname, Database_name, Database_username, and password) in the config/config.php file.
  7. If the domain remains the same after migration, you may skip Steps 7 and 8, otherwise, you need to change the product URLUniform Resource Locator is the address of a web page on the world wide web. in the database by using the following query from the MySQL CLI (Command Line Interface):
  8. mysql> update swsettings set data = 'http://newproductURL/' where vkey = 'general_producturl';
  9. After carrying out the above-mentioned steps, you need to contact support to change the registered domain name, since you need to replace the previous key with the new license key corresponding to the new domain.
  10. Once you replace the old key with the new one, rebuild the help desk cache from the web browser using the URL in the following format: http://<newproductURL>/staff/index.php?/Core/Default/RebuildCache.