Setting access rights in Kerio Connect

In Kerio Connect, you can set access rights to:

Administrator accounts and access rights

In Kerio Connect, there are two types of administrator accounts:

Enabling the built-in administrator account

In Kerio Connect, you can enable a special administrator account. This account is available only for accessing the administration interface.

The built-in admin account:

  • Has username Admin
  • Doesn't count into your license
  • Has whole server read/write rights
  • Doesn't have an email address and message store

To enable the built-in admin account:

  1. Go to section Configuration > Administration Settings
  2. Select Enable built-in administrator account
  3. Type a password for this administrator. The username is set to Admin and cannot be changed.
  4. Click Apply.


If the built-in admin account is enabled and any of your standard users has username Admin, the standard user must include their domain in the login dialog.

If you wish to disable the built-in admin account, just unselect the Enable built-in administrator account option in Configuration > Administration Settings.

The same rules as for disabling other admin accounts apply.

Assigning admin rights to individual users

Types of admin access rights

You can assign users and groups the following administration access rights:

  • Whole server read/write: Admins can view and edit the whole administration interface.
  • Whole server read only: Admins can view the whole administration interface.

Domain accounts

Admins can view and edit their own domain settings:

The domain admin cannot assign the archive admin rights, and set the items clean-out.

Assigning admin access rights

  1. Go to Accounts > Users or Accounts > Groups.
  2. Double click a user or a group.
  3. On the Rights tab, select the level of access rights in the Server administration section.
  4. Click OK.


To manage public and archive folders, see Public folders in Kerio Connect and Archiving in Kerio Connect.