How your customers create tickets?

Using the support center

By default, your customers can submit new tickets in the customer-facing support center (

Your customers can select the department to create the ticket in, as well as a priority, subject, message and file attachments.

This is highly configurable: you can create custom fields to capture specific pieces of information from your customers (more about that below), determine which departments they can select, whether or not they can select their own priority or whether they can create their own tickets at all.

If you have started building your knowledgebase, GFI HelpDesk automatically searches for and suggest answers to your customers as they type out their enquiry (reducing the number of incoming support requests, increasing customer WOW!).


You can connect your GFI HelpDesk helpdesk to any number of POP3Post Office Protocol 3 - A protocol used by local email clients to retrieve emails from mailboxes over a TCP/IP connection. or IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol - One of the two most commonly used Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval, the other being POP3. mailboxes to bring email into the helpdesk from across your organization.

By bringing your organization's email into the helpdesk, you can enable your team to distribute and collaborate on tickets in one place, rather than managing lots of separate mailboxes and email addresses.

GFI HelpDesk takes care of all the message processing automatically: determining what is a reply to an existing conversation and should be added to an existing ticket, which emails should create a new ticket and whether an existing ticket should be reopened. You can also use GFI HelpDesk's powerful email parser rules to automate the routing of email and tickets.

Find out more about fetching email into GFI HelpDesk below.


You can use the GFI HelpDesk REST API to automatically create tickets on behalf of anyone - whether generated by your backend systems or other integrated apps.

Find out more about the GFI HelpDesk at REST API.