Understanding how GFI HelpDesk and KDFM work together

Any agent that is going to be offering chat support needs to install KDFM and connect it to their GFI HelpDesk account. From there, they are ready to accept chat requests from your site visitors.

KDFM stands for Kayako Desktop for Mac.

Anytime a new chat request comes in, KDFM sends your team a notification. Once an agent accepts the chat, they can interact with the customer directly. They also have the option to join ongoing chats or initiate chats proactively, from the visitor list in KDFM's main window:

Kayako desktop on mac

Any chats that come in, whether an agent accepts them or not, appears in under Live Support in the staff control panel. Every message that goes back and forth is added to the chat history.

Now that you have a sense for how KDFM and GFI HelpDesk work together to let us look at some of the common tasks you can use KDFM for.