OCR routing

Optical Character RecognitionThe process of converting text embeded in images into machine-encoded text. (OCROptical Character Recognition) converts received faxes to text and routes faxes to:

  • Users assigned a custom set of phrases (OCR route). When a custom phrase is matched, GFI FaxMaker routes the fax to its configured set of users. For example, route faxes containing text “Attention: Sales” to the sales department.
  • Text matching user names within the Licensed users list. For example, GFI FaxMaker forwards a fax containing text “John Smith” to licensed user John Smith.

OCR routing properties

Configure OCR settings to use while processing faxes for routing.

1. From GFI FaxMaker Configuration, right-click RoutingThe methods used by GFI FaxMaker to determine how to route faxes to internal recipients. > OCR and select Properties.

OCR routing properties

2. Configure the following options:



Matching ratio percentage

The matching ratio is the confidence that GFI FaxMaker needs to have before matching a keyword or name to a routing rule.

NOTE: The recommended matching ratio is between 60% and 80% since this is dependent on the fax quality. Poor quality faxes cause OCR to not recognize all the letters and may result in faxes routed to the wrong users.

Route faxes using the users’ first and last names

Automatically routes faxes to users if OCR matches a name with the list of Licensed users.

NOTE: When both a user name and a custom search phrase (OCR route) are found, the custom search phrase routing overrides the matching user routing.

3. Click OK.

Adding an OCR route

1. From GFI FaxMaker Configuration, right-click Routing > OCR and select New….

New search phrase - Creating a new OCR search phrase

2. Key in a phrase to search for.

3. Click OK and repeat for all OCR phrases.

For each rule created, configure how to process the received faxes: