Error “Call failed 46” when sending fax

Issue encountered

An error Call failed: 46 is shown in the GFI FaxMaker Monitor or in the debug logs.


This is a generic error indicating that GFI FaxMaker attempted to dial a fax number, but failed to set up the call. The reasons for this failure can be various depending on the environment where GFI FaxMaker is installed. For example:

Possible solutions
  • Check manually whether the fax number can be dialed and can hear a fax tone
  • Check if the issue persists only with this fax number and if it is reproducible
  • Check if a prefix is required in order to dial out
  • If GFI FaxMaker is behind PABX that does not accept the local fax ID when making an outbound call, remove the Local fax ID value from the Lines/Devices settings in GFI FaxMaker.
  • Check if CLIP is required
  • If using Dialogic (Eicon) Diva Server, download and install the latest drivers from Dialogic website.

If these initial approaches do not resolve the issue, then the root of the problem might be outside of GFI FaxMaker.