Logging in to the GFI FaxMaker web interface

GFI FaxMaker users can log in to the web interface to access the web client to send faxes and SMS. Administrators can use the web interface to generate reports and monitor GFI FaxMaker operation.

To access the GFI FaxMaker interface from your browser, key in the following URLThe Uniform Resource Locator is the address of a web page on the world wide web.:

http://<GFI FaxMaker host name>/FaxMaker

For example: http://myfax.mydomain.com/FaxMaker

Key in your credentials to login to GFI FaxMaker depending on the user mode:

  • Active Directory: Key in your Active Directory username and password. Typically these are the same credentials used to login to Windows®.
  • GFI Directory: When GFI FaxMaker is installed in GFI Directory mode, key in your GFI Directory credentials. Ensure that users are assigned a GFI Directory password to be able to authenticate and login to the web interface. If users do not have a password, send them a Welcome email that enables them to set a password. From the Licensed Users configuration screen, select the users or groups to send the Welcome email to and click Send welcome instructions.


Only licensed users can login to the web interface. Ensure that all users allowed to access the web client are added to the GFI FaxMaker Licensed Users screen. For more information refer to Licensed users.

For information on how to use the web interface, refer to the following topics: