Mail server configuration

When users send fax or SMS by sending an email to, the mail server must route this email to GFI FaxMaker to enable fax transmission. To enable this functionality, configure routing connectors on your mail server that route all emails addressed to * and * to GFI FaxMaker.


When installing GFI FaxMaker on Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8 or 7, faxes cannot be routed to GFI FaxMaker using connectors. Use a POP3Post Office Protocol 3 mailbox instead. For more information refer to Installing GFI FaxMaker on Windows 10, 8 or 7.

Find information about your email server

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2 What type of mail server do you use?
  • In-house email server
  • Hosted web service
  • I do not have a mail server
3 What is your email server?
4 Where are you going to install GFI FaxMaker?
5 Which version of Lotus Notes/Domino?
6 Using SMTP to relay fax/SMS or using a dedicated POP3 mailbox?
7 Multiple mail servers

In a network where multiple mail servers are independent from each other, configure each email server individually to forward faxes to GFI FaxMaker. Use the same methods described for each type of mail server.

8 SAP 4.7

For more information how to configure SAP 4.7 to send faxes using GFI FaxMaker, refer to

9 What is your hosted email service?
10 Using GFI FaxMaker without a mail server GFI FaxMaker can be configured to work in environments without a mail server but there can be some limitations with certain features. Click here for more information.