No calls answered on a particular fax number

Issue encountered

GFI FaxMaker does not answer calls on a particular fax number.


This issue usually arises when MSNMultiple Subscriber Numbering numbers are specified incorrectly.

Possible solution

Configure MSN numbers that GFI FaxMaker should answer from the device properties.

To determine the MSN numbers to answer:

1. Send a fax to GFI FaxMaker, dialling the number that you want GFI FaxMaker to answer.

2. From GFI FaxMaker Monitor Fax Server node, take note of the number displayed.

3. Enter this MSN number in the list of MSN numbers of the device properties. Click OK and restart the GFI FaxMaker Fax Server service.


To answer a whole range of numbers (for example, when using DID routing), enter the starting number of the range of numbers. For example: to answer all numbers from 35922410 to 35922419, enter 3592241.