DID/DTMF Routing (ISDN/Analog/Digital)

Through DID routing, the telecommunications provider assigns you a range of virtual numbers that enable individual users/printers/public folders to have their own fax numbers, without the need of a physical fax line for each. If you already have ISDNIntegrated services digital network you can use available lines from your PBX. On answering the fax call, the ISDN protocol passes the number on which the call is being answered to GFI FaxMaker.


Configure the number of DID/DTMFDual-tone multi-frequency signalling digits to capture from the GFI FaxMaker device settings. From GFI FaxMaker Lines/Devices node, open the properties of the DID/DTMF device. Navigate to the Advanced tab and configure the Number of DTMF/DID digits to capture.