Problems with Microsoft® Office® attachments

Issue encountered

GFI FaxMaker encounters problems when converting Microsoft® Office® files to fax.

Possible solutions
  • Verify that Microsoft® Office® 2007 or later is installed on the GFI FaxMaker server.
  • Ensure that Microsoft® Office® is not in trial mode or has an expired license.
  • Ensure Microsoft® Office® was installed using the same account as that used by GFI FaxMaker fax server services.
  • Confirm that the account used for installing GFI FaxMaker and Microsoft® Office® has administrator rights.
  • Run all Microsoft® Office® applications, such as Microsoft® Word® and Excel®, to clear any messages displayed the first time the applications are run.
  • Ensure that GFI FaxMaker printer driver is set as the default printer for the machine.
  • Re-start GFI FaxMaker machine to ensure that changes take effect.