Quick Trial Guide

GFI FaxMaker is a fax server that enables sending and receiving faxes and SMS using your on-premise or hosted email infrastructure. With minimal configuration, your users can easily send and receive faxes from their computer.

This topic how to quickly install and evaluate the product.


Step 1 - Before installation:

  • Configure the Mail server - Ensure that your mail server routes emails addressed to *@faxmaker.com and *@smsmaker.com to the GFI FaxMaker server. For more information refer to Mail server configuration. If GFI FaxMaker is installed on the Microsoft Exchange server, this is automatically done during installation.
  • Faxing medium - Configure a medium to send faxes. The easiest method is to use an online fax service. Alternatively, install a fax device connected to the GFI FaxMaker server that sends/receives faxes over your telephone line.

Step 2 - Download and Install GFI FaxMaker.

Run the GFI FaxMaker setup file and follow the wizard steps.

Step 3 - Configuration:

Configure GFI FaxMaker as per your requirements. Configure the following important settings from the GFI FaxMaker Configuration console:

  • Users - Specify the list of users allowed to send fax and SMS.
  • Email2Fax Gateway - Configure how GFI FaxMaker communicates with the mail server.
  • Lines & Devices - Add and configure all the fax devices and fax lines that GFI FaxMaker can use to send or receive faxes.
  • Routing - Configure how GFI FaxMaker determines the correct recipient of an incoming fax. Various methods can be used.

Sending faxes

Choose the faxing method(s) that most suits your environment. GFI FaxMaker processes the fax content and prepares it for transmission over the telephone line or through a hosted fax service.

  • Email client - Send an email containing fax content to faxnumber@faxmaker.com from any email client.
  • NetPrintQueue2Fax - Print content to the GFI FaxMaker printer driver directly from any application.
  • GFI FaxMaker Web Client - Licensed users can send faxes by accessing the GFI FaxMaker web client from a supported web browse.
  • Text, XML or Web Service API - Use third-party software to generate APIs that GFI FaxMaker can use to send faxes.

Receiving faxes

A fax is received by GFI FaxMaker from either a fax line or a hosted fax service. GFI FaxMaker processes the content and routes it via email to the intended recipient.

Test and monitor fax transmission

Send test faxes from GFI FaxMaker to other fax devices and vice-versa. Confirm that faxes are successfully received by the specified recipients. Use the GFI FaxMaker Monitor to track faxes in queue and the actual transmission process. For more information refer to Testing your installation.