Users folder size is reporting incorrectly in WebAdmin

A users storage usage is incorrect in WebAdmin compared to what is being reported by the Operating System for that users folder in the store.


The storage usage for a user is calculated from a number of files within that users folder.

The first step is to remove the 'stats.usr' from the users root folder. This will be recalculated and may resolve the issue.

  1. Stop Kerio Connect.
  2. Delete 'stats.usr' from the user root folder.
  3. Start Kerio Connect.

The 'stats.usr' file will be re-created automatically.


This recalculation process can take some time, so please allow a few hours before moving to the next step.

If you still have the same issue after this then the next step is to re-index the users account.

As of Kerio Connect 7.3.x it is possible to re-index an account from the WebAdmin console. Under Users select the user, then Right-click More Actions > Re-index mailbox.

For versions of Kerio Connect prior to 7.3.0 use the following:

  1. Stop Kerio Connect.
  2. Rename 'index.fld' to 'index.bad', this file is in every folder and sub-folder for this user.
  3. Start Kerio Connect.
  4. Login to webmail as this user, this will start the re-index process.


The re-index process will take some time as the system has to check every email and re-calculate the index file accordingly.

If your storage size is still reporting incorrect in the WebAdmin console then you will have to re-calculate the 'status.fld' file. This is not a simple process, as you can't just remove files, as the 'status.fld' contains other information that can not be automatically re-generated.

To recompute the size data in this file you will have to do the following:

  1. Stop Kerio Connect.
  2. Edit 'status.fld', this can be opened in any standard text editor. There is a 'status.fld' in every folder and sub-folder for this user.
  3. Locate the variable 'Sxxxxx' This is the size of this folder in bytes. You can remove this variable, DO NOT alter any other variables.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart Kerio Connect.


This users storage use will now be re-computed, again this may take some time to complete.