Kerio Connect user cannot login to their email account

This article will cover common fixes for users that all of a sudden cannot login to their Kerio Connect account.

When a user cannot login to Kerio Connect client or through their email client you try the following to solve the issue:

Check if the user has a high amount of opened folders

If a user has a high amount of opened folders then this can prevent them from logging in or slow the login process down a fair bit. To check the opened folders please do the following:

  1. Login to the Kerio Web Administration
  2. Go to Status > Opened Folders
  3. Check for the user who cannot login and see if they have any folders with a reference of 10 or higher

If the user does have a folder(s) with a reference count of 10 or higher then you will need to stop and start Kerio Connect. Stopping and starting Kerio Connect is the only way to kill all active connections and reset the folder count of opened folders. If the high reference count continues to return please contact your local reseller or Kerio Technical support for further help.

Check if the user has been locked out from their Kerio account

If a user has entered in their password incorrect a few times or has misconfigured an email client with the wrong password and therefore sending the wrong password to Kerio it is possible that the user has been locked out. To unlock the account please do the following:

  1. Login to the Kerio Web Administration
  2. Go to Configuration > Advanced Options > Security Policy
  3. Click the button 'Unlock All Accounts Now'

This will then unlock all accounts that have been locked, so make sure the user is entering the password correctly and that if they have configured a new connection to their Kerio email account that they are using the correct settings.

Check if the user has changed their AD or OD password.


Active Directory/Open Directory users only

If the user has changed their AD or OD password they will need to update their email clients and mobile devices to have the same password to access their Kerio email account.

However if all users are not able to login then the AD or OD admin password that was used to bind Kerio Connect to AD or OD might have been changed and was not changed in the Kerio Web Administration first. Therefore Kerio will try to connect to AD or OD with an incorrect password and this then prevents other Kerio users being able to authenticate to AD or OD. To correct this the admin of the AD or OD machine will need to change the password saved in the Web Administration > Configuration > Domains > [Select your domain] > Directory Services.