Moving user from active directory service to local user database or vice versa causes synchronization errors with Outlook 2011

The user was moved from directory service to the local user database or vice versa. Outlook 2011 starts to produce error messages.

EWS error messages:

EwsOperation.cpp: EWSExchange Web Services - Web services that enables applications to communicate with an Exchange server. request GetItem: Message conversion failed (~user@domain.tld/INBOX/#msgs/00000001.eml)

debug log reports these messages:

SubscribeOperation: Subscription FAILED, Subscribe: subscribed folders don't have the same owner: first=keriodb://user/0b835b6e-997b-4eee-8209-6346c543d0b1/6cd2995d-8c5b-4e4e-9b02-832c1fa052f8 current=keriodb://user/0b835b6e-997b-4eee-8209-6346c543d0b1/6cd2995d-8c5b-4e4e-9b02-832c1fa05bbb, error code=178


A new Outlook 2011 profile must be created.