POP3 mailbox

GFI FaxMaker can retrieve faxes/SMS from a dedicated POP3Post Office Protocol 3 mailbox.

  1. On the mail server, create a POP3 mailbox that is dedicated for GFI FaxMaker.
  2. Install GFI FaxMaker on a separate machine than the mail server. For more information refer to Installation procedure.
  3. In the Sending Options screen of the post-installation configuration wizard, specify the details of this POP3 mailbox and proceed with the wizard.
  4. Configure the GFI FaxMaker POP3 DownloaderThe GFI FaxMaker feature that retrieves faxes and SMS from a POP3 mailbox for transmission. to retrieve emails stored in this mailbox. For more information refer to POP3 Downloader.

When using a POP3 mailbox, the method of sending faxes/SMS via email is different than when routing emails via SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol. For more information refer to Sending faxes/SMS via a POP3 Mailbox.