Mail server settings

Configure the mail server to use when GFI FaxMaker sends emails:

1. From GFI FaxMaker Configuration, right-click Email2FaxGateway and select Properties.

Email2Fax Gateway setup

2. From the SMTP ConnectorThe GFI FaxMaker process that connects to the mail server and uploads emails for transmission to internal users. tab, configure the following options:



Mail server name/IP and port

Enter the name or IP address of the mail server and the port number.

Use Secure Connection

Choose this option when the mail server requires a secure connection. Choose the type of encryption required SSLSecure Sockets Layer or TLS.

Use SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol Authentication

Instructs GFI FaxMaker to connect to the mail server using a particular user credentials. Enter credentials in the Account and password text boxes.

Secure Password Authentication

Select this option if Secure Password Authentication is required by the mail server.

3. To ensure that GFI FaxMaker can send email through the configured mail server, enter an email address and click Send test email. Ensure that the test email is received in the mailbox. If the test fails, troubleshoot setup and configuration. For more information refer to Email2FaxGateway test fails.

4. Click OK.