Licensed users

The list of users who can send or receive faxes must be configured in GFI FaxMaker.

List of GFI FaxMaker users and groups

The list of licensed users is available from GFI FaxMaker Configuration > Licensed Users node.

Managing users/groups


Adding users or groups

  • Active Directory: Click New licensed user/group.... Use the Active Directory user and group picker to choose the users and groups to add.
  • GFI Directory: To create new users, click New licensed user/group... and specify the user details. Alternatively, add users that already exist in GFI Directory or add Windows users, from the User Import tool. Right-click Licensed users and choose Import users.... For more information refer to Importing users to GFI FaxMaker.
Welcome email
  • Active Directory: The Welcome email provides high-level instructions to users on how to use GFI FaxMaker.
  • GFI Directory: Use the Welcome email to send instructions to your new users to set an account password . Your users use this password to login to the web client. This feature may also be used when users need to reset their existing password.

To send a Welcome email, select the users or groups to send the Welcome email to and click Send welcome instructions.

The Welcome email can also be sent to individual members of a group. Open the group properties and select the Welcome Email tab. Select the users to send the Welcome email to and click Send.

Reset user password
  • Active Directory: Reset user passwords and manage other user account settings directly in Active Directory.
  • GFI Directory: Right-click the user whose password you want to reset and click Reset Password. GFI FaxMaker sends an email to the user containing a link to the GFI FaxMaker web interface with a unique reset password token which can only be used one time. The user must follow the link and create a new password.

User/Group properties

Right-click a user/group and click Properties to show user properties.

  • Active Directory: User properties are retrieved from Active Directory
  • GFI Directory: User properties are retrieved from GFI Directory. User details can be customized directly from the Properties screen. On clicking OK, changes are applied in GFI Directory. For Web Service API users, password reset can be done directly in the GFI FaxMaker Configuration.
Web Service API users

Register users that will make use of the GFI FaxMaker Web Service API functionality. Right-click user to register and from the Web API Service tab select Web Service API User.

For more information refer to Web Service API.

NOTE: Received faxes that are routed to users registered for Web Service API are stored in the Web Service API queue and not forwarded to the user via email.

To remove a user from the Web API register, right-click user and from the Web API Service tab uncheck Web Service API User. Click OK.

NOTE: When unregistering users from the Web API Service, all faxes in their name that are in the service queue are permanently deleted. Unregister users with caution.

Removing users/groups

Right-click a user/group to delete and click Delete. Click OK to confirm.

Users are removed from GFI FaxMaker but not removed from Active Directory or GFI Directory.


You can also create a dedicated Active Directory group (for example, GFI FaxMaker users) so that you can manage all GFI FaxMaker users directly in Active Directory.