Outlook Connector Status Toolbar (Microsoft Outlook® 2007 only)

Outlook Connector status toolbar

The status of Outlook Connector is displayed in the GFI Archiver Outlook ConnectorA GFI Archiver tool that enables you to synchronize Microsoft Outlook folders with the email data archived by GFI Archiver. Status toolbar. The GFI Archiver status is either Online, Offline or Synchronizing.


The toolbar option is available only after Microsoft Outlook® is first restarted.

A quick view icon indicates the status of synchronization:

- The GFI Archiver server is online and no error occurred during synchronization.

- The GFI Archiver server is online but an error occurred during synchronization.

- An error occurred when trying to connect to the GFI Archiver server.

- Outlook Connector is manually set to work offline.

To initiate synchronization manually, click the GFI Archiver toolbar and select Synchronize now.