Installing Outlook Connector manually

The Outlook Connector can be downloaded from within GFI Archiver as an executable file.

To download Outlook Connector:

1. On the machine where you want to install Outlook Connector, log to GFI Archiver using the web UI.

2. Go to Client Access > Outlook Connector.

3. Select one of the following options:

Download for 32-bit Outlook (Installer for Microsoft Outlook 32-bit computers only)
Download for 64-bit Outlook (Installer for Microsoft Outlook 64-bit computers only)

4. Wait for the download to complete. If the setup file does not run automatically, double click the downloaded file and follow the installation wizard to complete installation.


To check installation open Microsoft Outlook® and check that a new folder called GFI Archiver MailboxA directory or folder used for receipt, filing, and storing messages of emails. is created.