Searching archived items

When searching for archived items, such as emails, files, calendar items or faxes, GFI Archiver queries the email index and retrieves any matching item with its respective attachment. Within GFI Archiver, you can search using:

Option Description

Quick Search


Use the text box in the toolbar to search all archived emails for the selected user across all Archive StoresA collection of email sources, email metadata and search indexes within GFI Archiver. In the Quick Search text box, you can also use the following wildcards:

  • ? - Matches any single character
  • * - Matches any string of characters

For example:

To search for emails containing the word ‘Swiss’, key in ‘sw??s’ or ‘sw*s’.

Simple Search



Expand the Quick Search to filter the search by simple criteria such as Sender, Receiver, Subject, Date and other information. For more information refer to Using Simple Search.

Advanced Search Use advanced options for an extensive range of search options. For more information refer to Using Advanced Search.

Quick search can be performed here.

Emails, Files, Calendar items or Faxes matching the search query are displayed in the emails pane. GFI Archiver displays up to 25 emails per page. If more than 25 items are matched for each search query, GFI Archiver spreads the searched items out on separate pages. Use the slider at the bottom of the email pane to change from one page to the next.