Configuring Wake-on-LAN on scan targets

Wake-on-LAN enables GFI LanGuard to wake machines from the following states:

  • Powered off
  • Sleep
  • Hibernated


If you have routers between the client machine and the GFI LanGuard machine, the router and the GFI LanGuard machine must be configured to allow Wake-on-LAN broadcast packets on UDP port 9.

The motherboard and the network interface card of the computer running GFI LanGuard, must support Wake-on-LAN. To configure Wake-on-LAN on a Windows® operating system:

1. Click Start, right click Computer and select Manage.

2. From the left panel, expand System Tools and click Device Manager.

3. Right click the Network Interface Card and select Properties.

4. From the Power Management tab, select the following options:

  • Allow this device to wake up the computer
  • Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer


Magic Packet is the wake up signal that is sent by GFI LanGuard to the scan target network card.

5. Click OK.

Once the Network Interface Card is configured, run a FULL scan on the client machine. This enables GFI LanGuard to gather the required information from the client machine. For more information refer to Manual scans.