Monitoring Software Updates Download

The Software Updates Download screen enables you to monitor, pause, cancel or change priority to all the scheduled patch downloads.

Security updates download

The icon in the first column indicates the download status. The table below describes the different states:

Icon Description


Update downloaded successfully.


Update is being downloaded.


An error occurred while downloading the update. Refer to Error column for more details regarding the error encountered.


Update is queued for download.


User cancelled update download.

Right–click an entry and select one of the options described below:

Option Description
Configure Patch Auto–Download

Enables or disables auto–patch download and used to configure where the patches are stored. For more information, refer to Patch auto-download settings.

Edit proxy settings… Configure the proxy settings used by GFI LanGuard to connect to the Internet. For more information refer to Configuring Program Updates.
Change download priority… Change the download priority. Select between, High, normal or low priority.
Cancel selected downloads Stop and remove the selected download.
Pause all downloads Temporarily pause all downloads.