Using calendars in Kerio Connect Client

In Kerio Connect Client, you can create and manage calendars where you can keep track of all your professional and personal events.

All calendars refresh automatically every time you or another user changes any events.

Creating calendars

By default you have one calendar in Kerio Connect Client.

To create additional calendars:

  1. In your Kerio Connect Client, go to the Calendars section.
  2. Click the plus sign next to the My Calendars label.
  3. Type a name for the new calendar.

Click the arrow next to the calendar name to:

  • Rename, share, or delete the calendar
  • Select the color Kerio Connect Client uses to display events in this calendar

Creating events

To create events:

  1. In your Kerio Connect Client, go to the Calendars section.
  2. In the calendar grid, find the date you want to create an event for. Then:
  • Double-click the grid, or
  • Drag your mouse over the calendar grid, or
  • Click New event.

  1. In the New Event window:

  1. Click Send.

When someone accepts or declines your invitation, Kerio Connect displays the information in the notification area in the top bar.

Specifying travel time


New in Kerio Connect 8.5!

If you need some time to travel to an event, you can specify the time for individual events:

  1. Double-click an event.
  2. Specify the time in the Travel time section.

  1. Save the event.

Kerio Connect Client then displays the time in your calendar.

Travel time settings are specific for each user:

  • You cannot set travel time for other users
  • Other users' settings are not displayed in your calendar

Recurring events

If you have a weekly meeting, you can set up a recurring event in Kerio Connect Client.

To create a recurring event:

  1. Create a new event as described above.
  2. Select the repeat frequency from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the cog wheel icon.
  4. Based on your choice in step 1, you can set detailed options for the recurring event.

Changing recurring events

You can change a single event in the series, or all future events in the series.

  1. Double-click a recurring event.
  2. Change the event and click Save.
  3. Click This Event to change a single event, or click Future Events to change also all future events.

Creating private events

If you mark an event as private, the details of the event stay hidden to users you share the calendar with and to delegates — they can only see your free/busy information.

To mark an event as private, select the Private option in the event settings.

The image below shows how the event looks in your calendar and in the calendar of your delegate.

Creating events from email messages

In the Emails section, you can create an event and invite all the recipients and senders of a message.

  1. In the Emails section, select a message and click More > Invite Recipients. This takes you to the Calendar section.

  1. Edit the event as described above. All the recipients and senders from the messages are included as attendees.
  2. Save the event.

Creating and displaying public calendars

Any user can display public calendars.

To create public calendars, you must be a public folder administrator. For more information refer to Public folders in Kerio Connect.

  1. In your Kerio Connect Client, go to the Calendars section.
  2. Click the arrow next to Public Folders and select New calendar.

  1. Type the name of the calendar.

If a public calendar is available, it's automatically displayed in the Calendar section of all users under Public Folders.

Accepting invitations

When someone invites you to a meeting, Kerio Connect Client displays a number on the Calendar tab or a notification. (For more information refer to Enabling notifications in Kerio Connect Client.)

When you receive an invitation:

  1. In your Kerio Connect Client, go to the Calendars section.
  2. Click the Meetings icon.

  1. (Optional) Write a response to the sender.
  2. Click Accept, Maybe or Decline.

To change your decision later, reopen the event, change your Reply status, write a comment if you need, and click Send.

Selecting viewing mode

You can view Kerio Connect Client calendars in four different ways:

  • Day view displays a single day.
  • Week view displays a whole week. The starting day is based on your selected locales. For more information refer to Configuring time display.
  • Month view displays 5 weeks in your calendar. In Kerio Connect Client 8.5.3 and older, you can select the Overview mode which displays from two to six weeks in your calendar — you can use the plus and minus signs at bottom left to add or remove weeks from the view..


New in Kerio Connect 9!

  • Agenda displays a list of all events from the day you select onwards.

Printing calendars


New in Kerio Connect 8.5!

You can print any calendar in any viewing mode.

To print your calendar, click Print in the top right corner.

You can also print an event. Double-click an event and click the Print at the bottom.

You print calendars using the standard printing dialog in your browser. To print the different calendar colors and images, enable printing background graphics (colors and images) in your browser. Refer to your browser's documentation for detailed information.

Sharing calendars

For more information refer to Sharing in Kerio Connect Client.