Fax services

GFI FaxMaker can send and receive faxes through supported online fax providers. To use this feature, GFI FaxMaker requires an internet connection and a subscription with a supported online fax service provider:

With Fax Services, GFI FaxMaker does not require a faxing device, enabling GFI FaxMaker to be installed in a virtual environment such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft Virtual PC or VMware.

When sending a fax via Fax Services, GFI FaxMaker sends the fax via a secure HTTPS connection to the service provider. The provider transmits the fax to the recipient and sends back a confirmation to GFI FaxMaker which then delivers the transmission report to the sender.

If your provider assigns dedicated fax numbers to your subscription, faxes received on these numbers are sent to GFI FaxMaker via a secure HTTPS connection. GFI FaxMaker then processes and delivers the fax to the intended recipients.

For more information go to http://go.gfi.com/?pageid=FM_FaxServices.

Specifying the fax number

Online fax services require the full recipient number, including the international dial symbol "+", the country and area codes. Do not use hyphens, spaces or dashes between any parts of the fax number.

The full recipient number is also required when sending faxes locally.

Example 1: When sending a fax to Czech Republic number 313-414-515 use +420313414515@faxmaker.com. Where:

  • + is the international dial prefix
  • 420 is the Czech Republic country code
  • 313414515 is the fax number

Example 2: Sending a fax to a UK number, with area code 01273, and number 123-456. In this case use +441273123456@faxmaker.com. Where:

  • + is the international dial prefix
  • 44 is the UK country code
  • 1273 is the area code (in the case of the UK the preceding 0 is dropped when using the international dial number)
  • 123456 is the fax number