Sending faxes via email

Licensed users can send faxes directly from their email client:

  • Use the Microsoft® Outlook® address book for recipients that have a fax number configured. Address the email to [FAX:faxnumber], where faxnumber is replaced by the Outlook® contact’s fax number.
  • Address an email to, where faxnumber is replaced by the recipient’s fax number. For example:
  • The same fax can also be sent to multiple fax numbers, using the same format for each and separated with a semi-colon (;). For example:;;


The default fax ( and SMS ( domains can be customized by the GFI FaxMaker administrator. Use the configured fax domain accordingly.

The first page of the fax contains the recipient’s name, sender’s name, email subject and email body. If the email includes attachments, these are included in subsequent pages of the fax.

Sending a fax using the email client

This method is available for all email users, with no installation of other software or custom configurations required.

To use this method: