Testing your installation

Follow the steps in this topic to ensure that your GFI FaxMaker installation is processing sent and received faxes successfully.

Send a test fax

  1. From the email client of a user listed as a Licensed user, create an email, in the following format:




Enter recipient in the following format number@faxmaker.com. Replace number with the recipient’s fax number. For example, 12345678@faxmaker.com.

NOTE: The default fax (faxmaker.com) and SMS (smsmaker.com) domains can be customized by the GFI FaxMaker administrator. Use the configured fax domain.For more information refer to Fax and SMS domain names.


Key in Test fax.

Email body

Key in some text.


Attach a one page PDF document containing some test content, such as text and graphics.

  1. Click Send.
  2. View the outgoing fax status from the GFI FaxMaker Monitor.
  3. Ensure that the sender receives a transmission report for the sent fax, to confirm that GFI FaxMaker can send notifications over the configured mail server.
  4. Confirm that the fax is received by the recipient and confirm that all settings, such as coverpage and headers/footers, are applied.

Receiving a test fax

1. From a test fax line, send a fax to a fax line connected and configured in GFI FaxMaker.

2. View the incoming fax status from GFI FaxMaker Monitor.

3. The fax should be routed depending on the configured Routing rules. If no routing rule is matched or routing rules are not configured, the fax is routed to a Default Router. The fax should also be routed to users configured to receive all faxes.