Resending a fax

When GFI FaxMaker sends out a fax, an email is sent to the sender containing important fax job information - a transmission report. If a fax fails or you wish to forward the same fax to a different recipient, use the transmission report to resend the fax.

To resend a fax to the original recipient, reply to the transmission report and do not change any of the email fields. GFI FaxMaker does not include the transmission report in the fax, but re-sends the original fax message.

To resend the fax to a different recipient, reply to the transmission report, changing the To field to the new recipient's fax number, in this format: <faxnumber> For example, Do not change any other message field and click Send. GFI FaxMaker re-sends the original fax content, updating recipient-related coverpage fields to match those of the new recipient.

Important notes:

  1. The subject field of the transmission report contains a ::resend API command and a job ID that enable GFI FaxMaker to find the original fax job when resending a fax. If these details are modified, GFI FaxMaker will not be able to identify the fax to be resent, resulting either in an error or sends out a fax containing the transmission report.
  2. By default, GFI FaxMaker stores sent faxes for 2 days and failed faxes for 1 week. Users cannot resend faxes after these periods.
  3. The administrator may disable fax resending by not storing faxes. For more information refer to Storing faxes.
  4. The default fax ( and SMS ( domains can be customized by the GFI FaxMaker administrator. Use the configured fax domain accordingly.