Fax administrators

A fax administrator's primary role is to monitor and manage GFI FaxMaker operation. Administrators are also notified via email when critical conditions occur and have access to the Monitor and Reports screen in the GFI FaxMaker web interface.

List of Fax administratorsUsers who monitor and manage the fax server. They are also notified by email when critical conditions occur.

To manage the list of Fax administrator, from GFI FaxMaker Configuration navigate to Advanced > Fax administrators.



Add administrators

Click New… to select the users to set as administrators.

  • Active Directory: Choose the Active Directory objects to set as administrators. When using Active Directory, a fax administrator does not have to be added as a Licensed User.
  • GFI Directory: Select the users that you would like to set as administrators. Only users that were previously added to the Licensed Users screen can be set as administrators.

Edit administrator properties

Right-click administrator and select Properties.

Remove administrators

Right-click administrator and select Delete.