Installing fax devices

Use this information when using fax hardware and FOIP cards.


GFI FaxMaker can also work with an online fax service, without the need of hardware or additional drivers. For more information refer to Fax services.

Which fax devices to use with GFI FaxMaker?

GFI FaxMaker can use many fax devices, including modems. GFI however highly recommends investing in a professional fax server device such as a Brooktrout TR1034 or Trufax fax board, a Dialogic Diva Pro/Server ISDNIntegrated services digital network fax card or an AVM B1 ISDN fax card.

These devices are far superior to a modem or multi-port modem in terms of reliability and transmission speed. Modems can be unreliable, requiring regular resets, and are frequently not compatible with all fax machines, resulting in failed faxes. The chipset used is an important factor; however, since modem manufacturers constantly change chipsets it is difficult to recommend a particular model or brand.

In terms of cost, a Brooktrout Trufax, Dialogic or AVM card is relatively inexpensive: only marginally more expensive than using 2 modems. Depending on what card you choose, you also get more fax features - for example, inbound routing or faster 33.6 faxing.

This topic includes installation instructions for the following device types:

For the most up to date list of supported fax devices, refer to: