How users send faxes

There are various ways how users can send faxes:

Fax method Description
Web client Access the GFI FaxMaker web interface from a supported web browser and compose faxes from the web client. For more information refer to Sending faxes via web client.

Users can send faxes directly from their favorite email client, such as Microsoft® Outlook®.

Address the email to, where faxnumber is replaced by the recipient’s fax number. The email body gets added to the coverpage and add any attachments to transmit via fax.

For more information refer to Sending faxes via email.


To send faxes, users print content to the NetPrintQueue2Fax printer driver. The fax recipient number is keyed in within the document in a customizable format, for example Fax: 12345678.

This enables fax sending in any format that allows printing of content (without installing application on GFI FaxMaker machine).

For more information refer to NetPrintQueue2FAX.


Use third-party tools to automatically generate APIs containing the information about the faxes to send and automate the fax sending process.

Store TextAPIs or XMLAPIs to a central location and GFI FaxMaker automatically processes files located in this folder.

Or use Visual Studio to develop Web Service APIs which you can use to automatically send and receive faxes.

For more information refer to GFI FaxMaker APIs.