Run the GFI FaxMaker Configuration Wizard

The GFI FaxMaker Configuration Wizard assists you through the basic steps of configuring GFI FaxMaker. The wizard runs automatically after installation or run it manually from Start > Programs > GFI FaxMaker > GFI FaxMaker Configuration Wizard.

  1. Click Next in the welcome screen.
  2. The GFI FaxMaker Client and other Web Services API applications connect to GFI FaxMaker over HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol port 8555. If this port is not open, click OK to have GFI FaxMaker automatically open these ports. You can also open these ports manually. For more information refer to Web Services API port.


When GFI FaxMaker is installed on the Microsoft® Exchange server, skip to step 5.

Setting up the sending options

  1. When GFI FaxMaker is not installed on the same machine running Microsoft® Exchange, configure the mail server options. Select how to forward faxes and SMSs to GFI FaxMaker.



Faxes and SMS will be forwarded directly to this machine via SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol email, via APIs or when using the GFI FaxMaker Client.

Select this option when using any of the following methods to send faxes:

NOTE: Faxes & SMS cannot be sent via an SMTP mail server when GFI FaxMaker is installed on Windows 10, 8 or 7. For more information refer to Installing GFI FaxMaker on Windows 10, 8 or 7.

GFI FaxMaker will download faxes and SMSs from a POP3Post Office Protocol 3 mailbox

Select option if GFI FaxMaker downloads fax/SMS from a dedicated POP3 mailbox. For more information refer to POP3 mailbox.

Specify the details of the dedicated POP3 mailbox.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that there are no emails in mailbox and that it is dedicated to GFI FaxMaker only. Any emails in mailbox are downloaded by GFI FaxMaker and permanently deleted.

Click Next to continue.

The wizard will prompt you for a mail server name

  1. Specify mail server details where GFI FaxMaker forwards received emails.



Mail server name or IP address

Enter the name or IP address of the mail server where to upload received faxes.

Use Secure Connection

Choose this option when the mail server requires a secure connection. Choose the type of encryption required SSLSecure Sockets Layer or TLS.

Use SMTP Authentication

Instructs GFI FaxMaker to connect to the mail server using specific user credentials. Enter credentials in the Account and password text boxes. Select Secure Password Authentication if required by the mail server.

Click Next to continue.

  1. Specify the Country code of the country where the fax lines are connected. This is used by GFI FaxMaker to determine the appropriate number to dial (for example, removes the country code for faxes within the same country). Click Next.

Selecting the type of fax hardware to be used with GFI FaxMaker

  1. Select the fax devices to use with GFI FaxMaker.

Fax device


Brooktrout by Dialogic

Select when using one or more Brooktrout devices or SR140 fax software. On clicking Next, click Yes to install driver software for the device, or click No to use other drivers. For more information refer to Brooktrout Fax Board and Brooktrout SR140.

ISDNIntegrated services digital network /CAPICommon ISDN Application Programming Interface devices


  • TE-SYSTEMS XCAPI Fax over IP - Instructs GFI FaxMaker to use the TE-SYSTEMS XCAPI Fax over IP solution. Click Yes to install XCAPI software to integrate the system with Fax over IP or an ISDN controller, or click No to use other drivers. For more information refer to Installing XCAPI
  • Other devices - Instructs GFI FaxMaker to use a device that is not TE-SYSTEMS XCAPI Fax over IP.

Fax modems

Select to automatically detect fax modem drivers and click Next. GFI FaxMaker attempts to detect Microsoft® Fax drivers and other modems already installed on the machine.

Fax services Select to use an online fax service. Click Next to enter the fax service details.


1. Ensure that devices are properly installed before proceeding.

2. For some devices, you may be prompted to configure the fax lines.

For more information refer to Installing fax devices.

Click Next to continue.

  1. Set up your fax lines in GFI FaxMaker. Click Configure lines... to launch the Add fax line tool. Use this tool to add your fax lines. For more information refer to Adding new fax lines.

Choosing a user directory service

  1. When installing GFI FaxMaker for the first time on a server that is part of an Active Directory environment, choose the user directory service to use. Choose Active Directory to add users from Active Directory, or GFI Directory to install and manage users in GFI Directory. To help you choose, refer to Choosing a user directory service. If GFI FaxMaker is NOT installed in an Active Directory environment, GFI Directory must be used and is automatically installed by the Configuration Wizard.
  2. If Active Directory is not found or if GFI Directory is chosen and installed the first time, the wizard prompts to create the default administrator in GFI Directory. This user is added to GFI FaxMaker, set as an administrator and set as the default fax/SMS router. Key in the user details and click Next.

Specifying users

  1. Specify the GFI FaxMaker users and administrators, depending on the user directory environment:



Active Directory

GFI FaxMaker connects to Active Directory to enable you to choose users. If no fax administrators are configured, add the administrators from the Select Users or Groups dialog and click OK.

After adding administrators, you may click Add users to add fax users, or click Next to proceed.

GFI Directory

When GFI Directory is installed the first time, the user specified in step 8 is automatically set as an administrator. Optionally you may click Add users to add more fax users. Use the Import Users tool to add users from GFI Directory or Windows® users. For more information refer to Importing users to GFI FaxMaker.

If GFI Directory was already installed before GFI FaxMaker was installed, choose the administrators and users to add to GFI FaxMaker using the Import Users tool.

  1. Wizard will now test the mail server settings. Click Test to send a test email to the configured fax administrators. Click Next to continue.


If the test fails, the error condition is displayed. Use the error to troubleshoot and resolve issues. For more information refer to Email2FaxGateway test fails.

  1. GFI FaxMaker now starts the services. Click Next to continue.
  2. Click Finish.