Web Services API port

Any application that makes use of the GFI FaxMaker Web Services API, such as the GFI FaxMaker Client, uses port 8555 to communicate with GFI FaxMaker via HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol. Consequently, your firewall must allow traffic via port 8555 to enable you to use this feature.

Opening port 8555 automatically

The GFI FaxMaker Configuration Wizard can be configured to automatically open port 8555 on Windows Firewall and no further configuration is usually required.

Opening port 8555 during the GFI FaxMaker Configuration Wizard

In the above screen of the GFI FaxMaker Configuration Wizard, click OK to open port 8555.

Opening port 8555 manually on Windows Firewall

Information on how to manually open TCP port 8555 on Windows Firewall on supported operating systems.