Customizing a Hyper-V Virtual Machine

As supplied, the Exinda Virtual Appliances will require some configuration changes before you introduce them to your network. For example, the virtual hard drives are limited to 50GB, which would be unlikely to be sufficient for your needs. The virtual machines available are sized with minimal configuration as it is not possible to know just what hardware is available on any host machine. To edit the configuration, you need to open the settings for the virtual machine in the Hyper-V Manager.

There are many settings that you can change, but for the purposes of configuring the Exinda Virtual Appliance, these task instructions are limited to what is necessary for bringing the appliance into an operational state. If you need more information, please consult the documentation for Hyper-V. This topic deals with changes to the configuration related to the number of CPUs, the available RAM, the NICs, and adjusting the storage for the virtual machine.

The configuration changes are required before your initial use of the virtual machine. You can also make further changes to your virtual machine at any later time. If over time you require more resources for the virtual machine, as long as those resources are available on the host, you can make them available to the guest.

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