How to process events for Selected machines

This option enables you to add specific computers manually, by:

  • Keying in computer names and IPs
  • Selecting computers from reachable domains and workgroups
  • Importing computers from a text file containing a single computer name per line.

To process events of selected machines:

1. Open the GFI EventsManager Quick Launch Console. In the welcome page, click Process events - Selected machines.

2. This opens the Add New Event Source dialog.

Add new event source wizard

3. The following table describes the available options:

Option Description

Key in the computer name or IP address in the Add the following computers field. Click Add to add the specified computer to the Computer list. Repeat this step until you add all the event sources to the selected group.


Select one or more computers from the Computer list and click Remove to delete them from the list.


Click Select... to launch the Select Computers... dialog:

1. From the Domain drop-down menu, select the domain you want to scan for available sources and click Search.

2. From the search results list, select the computers you want to add.

3. Click OK to close the Select Computers... dialog and return to the Add New Event Sources... dialog.

Import... Click Import... to import computers from a text file. Ensure that the text file contains only one computer name or IP address per line.

4. Click Finish to finalize your settings. GFI EventsManager immediately attempts to scan the added event sources, using the default logon credentials. For more information refer to Configuring event source logon credentials.


If synchronization is not enabled, you can use the Network Discovery Wizard to automatically search and add events sources. To launch Network Discovery Wizard, right-click All event sources from the event sources tree and select Scan local domain. For more information refer to Adding event sources automatically.


To confirm that logs are successfully processed, go to Status tab > Job Activity and check that there are activity logs under the Operational History section.