How to process events for the Local computer

This option enables you to automatically add the localhost as an event source and start processing logs generated by it.

To process events from the local computer:

1. Open the GFI EventsManager Quick Launch Console. In the welcome page, click Process events - Local computer.

2. After the localhost logs start processing, you can:

Icon Description

Browse events

Access the built-in events and forensic tools that will help you locate, analyze and filter key events. For more information refer to Browsing Stored Events.

Generate reports

Access reporting features including instant/scheduled report generations and automated report distribution. For more information refer to Reporting.

View dashboard

Access GFI EventsManager status dashboard. This enables you to view graphical representations of the most important events collected and processed by GFI EventsManager. For more information refer to Activity Monitoring.


Customize GFI EventsManager settings, such as enabling Syslog, SNMP Trap processing, system checks, key events notifications, and more.


For more information, refer to:


To confirm that logs are successfully processed, go to Status tab > Job Activity and check that there are activity logs under the Operational History section.