Access Control

Allow or block access to various features of GFI MailEssentials for particular domain users or groups. Users can access the Web UI of GFI MailEssentials using their domain credentials. The features shown to logged in users depends on the Access Control configuration.


Configuring access control from the web UI is only possible when GFI MailEssentials is running in IIS mode and can be accessed over the network. Access Control is configurable from the Switchboard when GFI MailEssentials is running in Local mode. For more information refer to Access Control List.

The Domain Admins group (in an Active Directory environment only) and the server administrator account/group are automatically given full access privileges to all features of GFI MailEssentials.

Other users or groups can be given full or partial access to certain GFI MailEssentials features. To add users to the Access Control list:

1. From GFI MailEssentials Configuration, go to General Settings > Access Control. Add domain users or groups and select the product features to allow access to.

Access control settings

2. Click Add User/Group.

3. In the User Lookups dialog, enter the name of the user or group to add and click Check Names.

4. GFI MailEssentials displays the list of users/groups found. Select the users/groups to add and click Submit.

5. For the newly added users/groups, select the features to allow access to.

Permission Description
Full Access User can access and configure all features of the product.
Quarantine Allows access to quarantine search and search folders.
Reporting Enables users to generate reports.
RSS Allows users to subscribe to the quarantine RSS feeds.

6. Click Apply.