Perimeter SMTP Server Settings

SMTP servers that relay emails to the GFI MailEssentials server must be specified.

  1. From the GFI MailEssentials Configuration, go to General Settings > Perimeter SMTP Servers.

Perimeter SMTP Server settings

  1. Configure the following options:
Option Description
This is the only SMTP server which receives emails from the Internet Select this option when GFI MailEssentials is installed on the only SMTP server that receives external emails directly from the Internet.
The following SMTP servers receive emails directly from the Internet and forward them to this server

Emails are relayed to the GFI MailEssentials server from other SMTP servers. Add these SMTP Servers in the SMTP Server list:

Automatic detection: To automatically detect SMTP servers by retrieving MX records of inbound domains, click Detect.

Manual addition: To manually add the IP addresses of SMTP servers that relay emails to the GFI MailEssentials server, key in the IP address or a range of IP addresses (using CIDR notation) and click Add SMTP Server

NOTE: This option is also required for installations in a Multi-Server environment. For more information refer to GFI MailEssentials Multi-Server.

  1. Click Apply.