Notification Templates

GFI MailEssentials can send emails notifications based on various events. Such emails are built from templates which are stored in the GFI MailEssentials installation directory. Users with experience in XSLT and XML can customize the design and the content of the templates.


Template modifications are for advanced users only. Preserve the structure of the template, special tags and the structure of the HTML syntax to avoid display issues in email notifications.

The Templates node lists the templates that are available in GFI MailEssentials. The templates are located in \GFI\MailEssentials\Templates. A template's name mirrors the folder name. Each template has a link to edit the template.


The changes made in this page can be propagated to other GFI MailEssentials servers in the same network using the Multi-server synchronization feature.

Templates note within the General Settings

Editing Templates

Administrators can edit templates to customize their design and their content.

To edit a template:

  1. From the GFI MailEssentials Configuration, go to General Settings > Templates.
  2. Click the template you want to edit.

Edit template options

  1. The following options may be available:
Option Content
Subject Edit the email Subject
Text Edit the plain text version of the email body.
HTML Edit the HTML version of the email body.
Images Change inline images for HTML emails. Click Edit and Choose File.
  1. Click Apply.