Getting Started with GFI MailEssentials

Want to try out GFI MailEssentials? This topic provides a quick list of actions to help you install and test the functionality of GFI MailEssentials.


Sign up to GFI MailEssentials

Go to and sign up for GFI MailEssentials. Follow the instructions to have your account created. After filling in the form you will be able to download the GFI MailEssentials installation executable. You will also receive a trial license key via email.


Prepare GFI MailEssentials server

Common deployment methods include installing GFI MailEssentials on an email gateway, on a relay/perimeter server or directly on the Microsoft Exchange server. Choose a server within your network that meets or exceeds the GFI MailEssentials system requirements and configure mail routing depending on the placement of the server in the network. For more information refer to Typical deployment scenarios.


Install GFI MailEssentials

Run the GFI MailEssentials executable downloaded in step 1 above, on the server configured in step 2. After installing GFI MailEssentials, run the post-installation wizard which is automatically launched. For more information refer to Installation procedure.


Launch the GFI MailEssentials Configuration

Go to Start > Programs > GFI MailEssentials > GFI MailEssentials Configuration to launch the web-based interface where you can monitor, manage and configure GFI MailEssentials. Login with administrator credentials.

Optimize your email protection system to ensure that it is effectively up and running. For more information refer to Post-Install actions.


Test your installation

GFI MailEssentials is now ready to start protecting and filtering your mail system from malicious and spam emails. Test your installation to ensure that GFI MailEssentials is working properly. For more information refer to Test your installation.