Outbound mail filtering

Outbound mail filtering is the process through which emails sent by internal users are processed before sending them out over the Internet.

When sending an outbound email, this is routed to GFI MailEssentials and processed as follows:

  1. The email is scanned by the malware and content filtering engines. Any email that is detected as containing malware is processed according to the actions configured. If an email is considered as safe, it then goes to the next stage.
  2. Remote commands check and execute any remote commands in email, if any are found. If none are found, email goes to the next stage.
  3. If configured, the applicable disclaimer is next added to the email.
  4. If configured, email monitoring is next executed and the appropriate actions taken.
  5. If enabled, Auto Whitelist adds the recipients' email addresses to the auto-whitelist. This automatically enables replies from such recipients to go to the sender without being checked for spam.
  6. Email is sent to the recipient.