The GFI MailEssentials Quarantine feature provides a central store where all emails detected as spam or malware are retained. This ensures that users do not receive spam and malware in their mailbox and processing on the mail server is reduced.

Administrators and mail users can review quarantined emails by accessing the quarantine interface from a web browser. GFI MailEssentials can also send regular email reports to email users to review their blocked emails.

Refer to the following sections for more information on configuring the GFI MailEssentials Quarantine.

Important Notes

  1. To quarantine spam or malicious emails, change the filters' and engines' actions to Quarantine email.
  2. The Quarantine Store requires disk space to retain the organization’s spam email or malware for a number of days. The amount of disk space required depends on:
  • The quantity received
  • How long it is retained.
  1. On average, 100,000 spam or malware emails of 5 KB each will require approximately 600 MB of disk space to store the email and its metadata.
  2. If the free disk space where the Quarantine Store is saved is 512 MB or less, GFI MailEssentials stops quarantining spam and malware; it is instead tagged and delivered to recipients’ mailboxes until free disk space increases to more than 512 MB. This ensures that the disk will not run out of space.